Welcome to the 2023 USA GIRLS Showcase !!

To ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable tournament weekend, we ask that you comply with the following:

1. Parking Lot Speed Limit:   10MPH

We have a lot of young teams and they will be excited as this may be their first tournament.

PLEASE drive with caution.

2.  "Entrance" and "Exit"

Eagle Harbor Complex Parking Lot has designated "Entrance" and "Exit" signs to ease the flow of traffic.3.  No Parking on the yellow-striped areas at the front of Eagle Harbor complex sponsor board.

4. Golf Cart parking

Designated Golf Cart parking for local residents to the far-left of clubhouse near restrooms.

5. Spectator Conduct

No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated towards players, referees, coaches or spectators.

This is a youth event …. Conduct yourselves appropriately !

6. Uniforms:

HOME team - Light-colored jersey.   AWAY team - Dark-colored jersey

If a conflict exists, team not in compliance will need to change or use pinnnies.

7. Rosters:

Each team will need (5) copies of their roster and submit a copy to Referee at each game./

Guest Players will need to be hand-written on each copy of roster.

Player Passes should be available for all players should Referee request.

No player can play on multiple teams in a tournament per USYS Policy.

Any team(s) found in violation of this rule will be eliminated from the tournament and all respective games will be reported as a “Loss”.

8. Game Cards:

Coaches will need to sign game card at the conclusion of each game.

Winning team will submit the game card and both team's rosters to the Venue HQ. If the game ends in a "Tie", the designated HOME team will submit the game card to Venue HQ.

9. Awards:

Trophies for 1st Place and 2nd Place will be given to respective teams in each division.

Medals for 1st and 2nd Place will be given to respective players.

Participation Medals will be given to all players in the U9 to U12 divisions

10. Tournament Shirts:

We are offering Tournament T-Shirts. Here is the link for Pre-Sale ordering:   https://www.myclubsgear.com/snjprinting/
We will also be offering them at the Eagle Harbor venue.

11. Coaches with Multiple Teams

Coaches with multiple teams need to have an Assistant Coach if there is a scheduling conflict. With a tournament this size, it is impossible to accommodate coaching requests.